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In a Single choice, I am asking to enter time and have given a few options. It is open for the user to enter a time of their choice. If the Slots for Selection are 09:00, 09:45, 10:30, 11:15 and the user enters 12:00, it fails extraction [Capture] Field extraction failed. Input: 12:00 If the user enters 11:30, the extracted value is 10:30 [Capture] Field validation successful! Extracted: "10:30". Input: 11:30 How?
do you get the same in the emulator? you can check the logs & bottom debugger panel; and you'll see how/why it extracts 10:30
@rich-battery-69172 cannot in the emulator, there are calls to Google API that fail but in the logs, I can see this > [Capture] Transformed the extracted value [Capture] Field validation successful! Extracted: "10:30". Input: 11:30
@limited-pencil-78283 can you change the capture type from "Single Choice" to "Raw Input" , then use an AI Task to parse the time? The reason why it behaves that way with the "Choice Capture" is because it will try to match one of the provided options. It will perform fuzzy matching and try to fit the time that is closest. In the case of 11:30 vs 10:30, there is a single character difference. Here's an example below. of how to achieve a better extraction with Raw + AI Task:
@sly - Running everything on AI is burning cash. There has to be a better way to manage this
Field validation successful! Extracted: "10:30". Input: 11:30 This should not happen
You know capture cards are wrappers around GPT right ?
The cost of a capture is about 1/100th of a cent FYI
If you actually read my explanation care fully I explained why this is rightfully happening.
Single choice = force picking one of the choices provided.
Sly's method is solid indeed but a simplified alternative could be to simply add more timeslot options (in your dropdown list).