Need help in making a ChatBot for crytotrading fir...
# 🤝help
I want to build a demo usecase Conversational AI bot for a crypto Trading firm as I need to build a one for my internship.Please I need some guidance on these.
Hello! I have my own AI Agency, and I have some experience building chatbots
May I ask, what capabilities would you like the chatbot to have?
Hello James Thank you for replying I am actually new in this field and to get as an intern I need to make a usecases demo conversational AI chatbot for a crypto trading firm
Anything which helps me to guide on building this demo I would really appreciate the help
In case jameshg can't help. I think @brief-accountant-68119 or @jolly-policeman-82775 has done this before. Might be wrong🤷‍♀️
Have built one before.
But it was from Chatgpt
Can you guys please help me on this one
I am a complete beginner I know chatgpt may help me but there is a limitations on that
Thank you @fresh-fireman-491
Hello @jolly-policeman-82775 so Do you still have the process for making the Bot it will be very beneficial for me if I get the hands on the info
I'm actually into crypto trading as well, and I recently saw that Binance (and probably other trading apps) has an API
which means, it could be connected to a chatbot
I have never used it to be honest
But perhaps, it could be used to build a crypto trading/market analysis chatbot
However, this could get very complex, and it could possibly require coding experiencie
what would you like the bot to do exactly ? I have a mate who builds market analysis tools, ill ask him what approach you can take.
for this you could bypass accessing user accounts directly and offer a combination of Classical/Sentiment analysis: Long-term trends, short-term trends, Education on subjects. Of course this bot isn't a predictor but it could be a helpful assistant for companies.