BAS and BAM help needed
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Hi there, im currently doing marketing in my company that does digital twin platform for commercial real estate but was tasked to do research on some BMS and BAS software. side note, i have no background in any of the two so i really need help. so far, i have some pros and cons on BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP. would really appreciate if you guys could give me more examples! thank you BMS - building management system BAS - building automation system im venturing out into other software/language's pros and cons eg Obix, Lon, Carrier, Train, Cbus
Hi there, Botpress is a conversational AI bot that can be used in Automation systems as a middle-man/front-end to interact with all your underlying systems. You can connect to any API, sending and retrieving any data you would like. For instance, you can embed a Botpress chat inside a CRM and have its knowledge base linked to technical documents with the goal to educate personal, aid customers or e.g. lead capturing. Users could interact with the BMS or BAS through a conversational AI, asking for system statuses or triggering actions like adjusting temperature or lighting through simple text commands.
I am not entirely sure if this answers your question but atleast you have some more information what you can potentially do with it