Disorganized cards on whatsapp
# 🤝help
Hello! I've been working on a WhatsApp chatbot, but I received a complaint from the client because the images and buttons get disorganized after sending many cards. Any ideas on how I could solve this? Thanks! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1227898141043331082/1227898141253177414/SVID_20240406_161002_1.mp4?ex=662a1442&is=66179f42&hm=35228f6887d0b229f6d2f05885e5c59a76d7ed23829d8df535c783c344831636&
This is caused as downloading of images takes longer than text. It ideally should happen only once, first time the images are fetched, WA does have a cache of the image. This also occurs on slower network And finally if the size of the images are heavy. I would recommend trying with reduced image size
Thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely try it