Going for 2 different paths at the same time
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Basically I have a chatbot that is made for QA but alse has some intents to detect. You can see in the 2nd image my node and basically what happens sometimes is that he answers the question and then also detects it as an intent for something. What I want to happen is for him to either detect the intent and take it that path or to try to answer but never the 2 at the same time. For example, here I questioned him what is deHouse? He answered but also want through the become members Path (probably that Path is too extensive in order for him to detect this) but I cant understand how did he do both things is it related to my order of operations? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1228703597059903498/1228703597370544128/Captura_de_ecra_2024-04-13_142747.png?ex=662d0265&is=661a8d65&hm=2fdc61b596baf9c531ad7bdfcc0c0102a55760fc732552effb07ce80a6752779& https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1228703597059903498/1228703597613551676/Captura_de_ecra_2024-04-13_144614.png?ex=662d0265&is=661a8d65&hm=9b9fc53ee3b40bb1fd0943d776f0f9b8bb2da069ea5a7e7612eb58fadc25301f&
Here is another example I have that node with the raw input that has an extra option that takes me to the become member path however as you can see in the whatsapp conversation I clicked it and first the bot answered me and then took me the path to become member when it was not supposed to answer. What am I doing wrong? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1228703597059903498/1228705522610470972/Screenshot_2024-04-13-14-23-33-487_com.whatsapp.jpg?ex=662d0430&is=661a8f30&hm=35ae62487f127cbfc8a73ff3b7858f300b973acb437d91126e4400bc0f44f728& https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1228703597059903498/1228705522987962589/Captura_de_ecra_2024-04-13_145033.png?ex=662d0430&is=661a8f30&hm=39a561f7c674d94308625e1efc8f79440365e1de3fed679b782901f4a757097f&
Nvm just solved this, it was due to order of operations. I replace the search KB in the raw input with the query knowledge base
Hi, Whenever you use "Raw input" with answers from the knowledge base, you will, by default, get that answer. In your previous examples, disable answers from the knowledge base and your bot will follow your flow as you want. At the bottom of Raw Input disable KB (screenshot) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1228703597059903498/1228996329389297684/image.png?ex=662e1306&is=661b9e06&hm=fc5245c3392f6a977f86715e9b17b4e85362d81f3611bfa9001670eb42254238&
There is an open book icon in your "Raw Input" stating that you are querying your knowledge base. So, by default, no matter what you click or write, you will get the answer from KB.
Thankss a lot mate