Embedded "Chatbot inside a <div>" not working when...
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Hi guys, running into a bit of an odd error. I have followed your youtube tutorial for embedding a chatbot in my website using the code published here: https://botpress.com/docs/developers/webchat/embedding-webchat-options/bot-in-div/ When I add this code as a custom html block in the cPanel website builder I am using it shows fine in the builder's working view but then when I actually publish the website it shows incorrectly as per the attached screenshot. I have queried this with namecheap my hosting and website builder provider who have suggested the reason for it showing up in preview but not when published is I "added the code of the whole page, starting from and ending with tags. Whereas in the builder the preview code is displayed isolated - inside , on the preview or published website the code is injected to the page itself." Any ideas what I need to change in the provided 'bot in div' code to get this to work on the published website? Many thanks in advance for the help! Conor https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1229130438195548270/1229130438392545400/Capture_11.JPG?ex=662e8fec&is=661c1aec&hm=460e034a67aaf191b9e42b10a2b19b36f1612502e28323f22b5ba045aca0cb49&
Anyone have a similar experience? Thanks
Can you provide your HTML code that contains the