How to have bot keep answering questions?
# 🤝help
Hello! I remember hearing it in a tutorial, I believe, but I was looking for help on how to structure the bot so that it just endlessly answers questions without it being passed on to other nodes? That is my first question. How to set up a question loop where it just answers questions ongoing without ending the convo. My second question is, if I have a multiple choice card in a node, and the user chooses to ask an unrelated question, how do i have the conversation not end after the bot answers the unrelated question? I can only connect nodes to the two options, but not if they ask a new question instead of choosing. The bot answers the question and then ends the conversation. Is there any way to have it continue answering questions, or have it default back to a node asking if the user has any more questions after it answers one? All help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
2nd question: You can use the "node transition" which is a little circle down in the right corner, it works like the others, where you can just drag it, and it will transition from that when it reaches the end of the node. If you don't have one of those, then you can add an expression card under the multiple choice card, and then transition from that.
Thanks so much for the help! You’re the 🐐! Made it simple and easy to understand. As well as provided resources💪🏽