Knowledge base routing
# 🤝help
hello i need help in my AI logic. I want to make an answering bot from knowledge based. so the logic is if AI can find the answer it'll be routed in "helpfulnes" node but if AI can't find the answer in knowledge base it'll be routed in "no_answer" node. in emulation if AI can answer it'll be routed in "helpfulnes" and it's correct but if AI can't answer it it'll just not answer and routed in "helpfulnes" node. Excuse my English.
If yes, then turn.KnowledgeAgent.responded will not work - at least it doesn't work for me.
You can check if he did not respond like this: (!turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer) || (turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer && turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer.length <= 0)
after that just use "always" to go to the "responded" flow