Bot Response Cutoff
# 🤝help
Hello! I am trying to create a simple landing page bot for a website. It’s just a welcome message and then loops to answer questions continuously. The builder is only two nodes long. I'm running into issues with the bot giving responses that are too long, and getting cut off. I've read through help tickets in the discord forum related to this. I tried a word limit/ character count as part of the personality bot and that didn't help. Some say it is the personality bot itself that makes the responses too long. So I disabled the personality bot altogether, and still ran into the same issue. I was wondering if I could get some help with this issue?
Here is a screen recording showing the issue, thanks again in advance for all the help!
Hi, I don't know if you solved it but according to video looks strange that the short message gets cutoff. Nevertheless, use directions in your prompts. For example I use "Respond in 100 words or less.". What is more, if you want to keep it as you have right now (cards and loops), use the KB as a feed for the next AI Generate Text card and tell him what style to use, how to phrase it, maybe use some highlights (bold text) for better readability. This will have a small delay in response and use more $ but stacking the prompts sometimes works better and is more predictable. So, for the AI Generate Text, set the temperature to whatever you want but limit AI to provided information from KB by prompt directions. What is more, I use tables with small chunks of information. File can be split in an unpredictable way. If you decide to use table, then make sure to keep the information short and concise. Even from facts, keywords, AI can generate your description (business, product, service, ...).