Robert sorry for the ping, but I had a
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Robert sorry for the ping, but I had a question, many people say voiceflow is more advanced than botpress and I'm not here to cause arguments, my genuine question is, from your opinion what would be the answer, why does so many people say this?
I'm not going to comment on the specifics of this topic, but what I will say as someone who grew up on the internet is that people hear one thing and repeat it without verifying for themselves
an easy way to verify this for yourself is ask: what functionalities does X service offer that Y doesn't?
I can share my thoughts 🙂 As far as I know, the only thing that Voiceflow has that Bptpress doesn't have is a direct way of adding voice to your bot, but there are ways to do it in Botpress. Bptpress is so much more advanced in every field. First thing to point out is the amount of integrations each one has. Botpress GitHub page where every integration except the two newest integrations (Messaging API, and Weavel for analytics) VoiceFlow integrations: I think the difference is clear 🙂 You might also have noticed that a lot of the Botpress code is available, and you can see how so many things work, it's great! Botpress also has an API endpoint for pretty much everything. I like to think that there are no limits with Bptpress, simply just because I haven't run into any. I could go on and on about why Botpress is better, but I think I proved my point. The last thing that I will point out is the pricing! Botpress is so much cheaper and so much more generous. You don't have to pay extra to get access to something, everything comes with the Free tier. The free tier is more than enough for any tester. I have personally never had to spend any money while in the testing/developing fase. I agree with Robert, people and just repeating, without knowing
I am sorry, but I got one last thing, which is a bit subjective to be honest, but would also say that our community is better. Everyone helps everyone 🙂
im using both
and i can end this for once and for all
interface Botpress is easy to navigate and control voiceflow is cramped, to many things
Knowledge base: Voiceflow is better seeing that you can have a loop conversation with the user and the scraping is better
Personality: Botpress wins, Voiceflow doesnt have a lot of functionality in this field.
Overall, both do the same thing. Use them both for differant functions and just have a good bot to share with everyone.
If you want more proof, there are tutorials for dynamic carousel and the code we use is 90% the same
Thanks guys, was looking for answers but i got it! Botpress it is