storing data extracted by bot into excel or somewh...
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So my problem is pretty simple, what I want to do is extract data from user conversations eith bot and store it/export into excel or some other csv file for easy retrieval, is this possible with botpress? For eg. Bot: What is your name? User : Sara Sara-> stored into a variable -> that variable's value , I.e , Sara is exported to a csv or excel file
You can store data in botpress table and those are very easily exportable to csv whenver you need
We also have a google sheet integration that you can use but I don't know if it has been made available for everyone yet
google sheets isn't available to everyone yet indeed^
however exporting Tables to a csv, as Eff says, is very simple~!
Will try this today, thanks guys
i am looking at it currently. based on what i understand , ill have to individually export the table from every conversation?
the above table tabs right?
from your table's menu