Hey there fellow Bot-Builders and Botpress-Enthusi...
# 🌎general
Hey there fellow Bot-Builders and Botpress-Enthusiasts! I have a question regarding 2 Chatbots I am currently building. One is for a real estate company and the other one is an Online Shop for all things around the garden. I want to build a chatbot that knows the products (or houses for the real estate) of the clients mainly from the website, because the products and prices can frequently change. I will also upload documents with more details for each product to the knowledge base as a PDF. I then want the chatbot to ask what the user is looking for, ask for some details on the product like size, price, material, and so on. I don’t want the bot to always ask for specific things like always ask for size or whatever, but instead let the user provide whatever he knows about the thing he is looking for and then have the bot list anywhere from 1-3 or more products that fit the description. I also want the bot to privde some details on the products, as well as the price and a link to the article. Maybe also ask the user if he wants to add it to the shopping cart and automatically add it afterwards. Afterwards, I am also looking for a way to have the bot make smart upsells or recommend other products related to the one the user is buying. In short conclusion I want the bot to do: help me to find a product in an interactive process that fits the simple customer requirements (material, dimensions, etc.). use extended information to provide information on use and operation/assembly. (How long does it take to set up? Is it suitable for children? How do I maintain my garden shed? What is the best way to do this? I‘d be really happy to about an advice! Thank you guys in advance 🙂