Chatbot Integrating Multi-Channel Interaction and ...
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Greetings, I'm looking for assistance in adding advanced functionality to Botpress. Specifically, I need help implementing user identification features for multiple channels like Teams, WhatsApp. My goal is to differentiate user interactions across channels, capture conversation transcripts, and effectively identify users. My Idea is to have something similar to the 'Conversations' section that has Botpress for each chatbot, but I also want to identify the number or user that wrote the chatbot and save the transcription from every interaction with my chatbot. Any insights, advice, or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
Hi, Create a session node where you will capture all information that you need like: - chat triggered at - channel: Make all of those variables as Scope: User. Create a table to capture transcripts (screenshot). Record when the chat was triggered and if you have some way to identify user, put that information into table as well. In the end workflow save the transcript but make sure it's not longer than 4kb, for example, inside the Execude Code Card: workflow.transcriptLimited = conversation.SummaryAgent.transcript; if(workflow.transcriptLimited.length > 3000) { //var transcript = conversation.SummaryAgent.transcript; workflow.transcriptLimited = workflow.transcriptLimited.substring(Math.max(0, workflow.transcriptLimited.length - 3000)); }
You can modify and extend with any information you want to capture. The best is to identify starting point end the end point of each user - bot session. If you can't identify the user by his name, or phone number you can create a unique ID and store it in the table when the bot is triggered and in the end workflow. This will help you to see how users interact with the bot.
Thank you so much for your explanation zubiwat! I will start developing this idea, if I have any doubt I will respond to this chat in order to have feedback of my progress. And thanks again!