Hi I want to use tables as knowledgebase , I made ...
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Hi I want to use tables as knowledgebase , I made 6 Columns, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. I want to people input and search in Column A, if information exist in Column A then reply in this format "Congratulations! You've successfully avoided a potential scam. This account is owned by @B, which provides or sells @C in @D. The affected individual made a payment to this account number at @E with name @F on @G. You can find more infromation by searching these names(can't search bank/Wallet) at hireloyal.com/awareandshare." if information doesnt match from Column A then just send simple message card. But it shouldnt answer if input is anything else, whatever it is, like if input is what is @F so bot shouldnt allow to analyse all table and respond that like it own by Column A, Column A is confidential and only user can search that particular in put and he will be provided info against that particular info. Last thing if you are going to tell me mark column unsearchable, I did that but he still responding from that column @User @User @User