workflow connectors issue: very annoying
# 🤝help
Every time you copy a node and paste, its connectors keep going back to the old flow, no matter how many times you change them. This is an issue that has lingered for some time. The workaround is not to copy-paste nodes. however, I am not sure why team Botpress has not fixed it till now.
Of the other things, another annoying thing introduced is making variables global by default. Previously a variable defined like a let or a const within an execute card had a local scope and could have been accessed from the card or the node. Now the scope is global by default to the whole workflow, this has increased the variable management and data corruption issues. The whole purpose of defining a const has become useless for me
@rich-battery-69172 Latest message from Lijo, might be for you 🙂
This is still not fixed and I had to remove the node and create new because each time I changed something I had to figure out where it was connected. @rich-battery-69172 promised to let the team take care of this in my report post: