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hi @jolly-policeman-82775 @fresh-fireman-491 @acceptable-gold-88171 i have this slight challenge. i wrote a javascript code with the execute code card that gets random verses from a the entire bible, using an api. it seems to work, but it doesnt display the verse in the chat interface. but it displays it in the log. i know i am messing things up so badly, but i dont know exactly what i am getting wrong. here is the code snippet: i have atatched the code as a file here for anyone to help me with. thanks https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1108396291060408352/1231349395480514661/image.png?ex=66257efd&is=66242d7d&hm=cd0ee140eb7371069d409e9336bcf38f1854126b3866cd07eae47680865bf3af& https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1108396291060408352/1231349395652345998/message.txt?ex=6636a27d&is=66242d7d&hm=7d47107100948eb60abc5338891f0edc19e5266d73ca5a8dbfe86e1c49c26dd7&