Facing Issue in Extension of Gpt
# 🤝help
Hi Community, I am facing the issue in creating a bot from custom GPT while using a Deploy GPT extension. It gets created when I use my personal GPT account but it does not create bot when I use my enterprise account. How can I solve it as I need to create a bot from my enterprise account. kindly find the attached screenshot, the loader is continuously loading. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1231844910294892575/1231844910458605598/image.png?ex=66386ff9&is=6625faf9&hm=a51d113983f3c805309a1574c7bd681963e5cd9621aaaefd5c26f6205bd4969a&
@gorgeous-painting-77682 drop this one in the #1112845893931110402 channel please!
ok sure
I have added it to that channel but havn't got any response