Ultimate LangChain Playlist from 5 Top Gurus
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I've watched many of these and learned a lot! When learning LangChain, I highly recommend these videos along with other content on their YouTube channels. LangChain official YouTube channel (all playlists recommended) https://www.youtube.com/@LangChain/playlists https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1232005662297423953/1232005662590898250/Screenshot_from_2024-04-22_19-30-03.png?ex=663905af&is=662690af&hm=fcebf73344eddd7c520f14b81717ec458e9079a4ce80fb481ecf96a1bcc0ce01&
Thank you
The first Guru is not only Harrison Chase (the CEO of LangChain who's in many of the videos in those playlists), but the entire LangChain team.
Langchains YT channel has so many great videos!
@fresh-fireman-491 Any thoughts on using Flowise or the new "Langflow" : https://www.langflow.org/
Langflow looks good!
for sure, but it does look like an exact copy of Flowise. Have you tried Flowise before ? still deciding if Im going for no-code or full code.
I have but I think someone like @microscopic-shampoo-2255 is much better at it than me
You don't have to pick one
Just pick one that matches each project
Some you might have to do some ML, some you might just have to create a simple customGPT, and connect it to Botpress.
@cold-jewelry-54343 I don't know so much about those, but have built some simple practice projects with both Flowise and Langflow before I tried Botpress. I think those projects are still on my GitHub, but I haven't used them anymore, and you can also clone those or similar ones from their official GitHub. Goose might know how good it's for your use case and give you instructions, and I can also recommend learning from the Menlo Park Lab YouTube channel. That guy Misbah has won many AI competitions (I think all the competitions he has participated in), building projects with exactly those tools, so it's one of the best places to learn them.
I liked Flowise more


LangFlow + Bubble


These are my messages here 6 months ago: "I used Flowise and LangFlow for 3 months, but now I've switched completely to Botpress I think you can build everything you need with Botpress, and if some feature is missing (for now), we can always try to build it via some external API or otherwise." "I quickly found that with Botpress I had more time to actually develop chatbots and build code for chatbots, with Flowise and LangFlow I spent more time maintaining everything and building from scratch. I still think both services are very good."
appreciated! in my case Im just looking for a method to help extract complete pages from a PDF which doesn't seem possible in Botpress atm (probably due to the limited Chunking options). Hopefully we can do everything inside Botpress natively asap 💪
Let's hope Goose can give you some really good ideas how to do exactly that! 🙏🏽


One more video I remember watching back then.


All chapters: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:00:46 Introduction To Langchain Ecosystem 00:09:09 Chatbot application Using Langchain 00:35:36 Chain As Api For Deployment 01:02:16 Complete Basic Rag Pipeline 01:32:07 Advanced Rag Pipeline 01:51:34 Advanced RAG Pipeline With Multiple Data Source 02:16:10 End To End LAngchain Project Using Groq Inference Engine 02:44:07 Hugging Face With Langchain @cold-jewelry-54343 🛠️ 🔥
Love me some gui flowise lol
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