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Hello! I have a multilingual chatbot that is meant to operate on a client's website. The client has their website translated and hosted in multiple countries (,, etc.) thats why it is multilingual. The information across these sites is exactly same, just translated, so my bot uses English version of the website as it's KB and just utilises the translator agent to give correct answers on all the different language websites. All works well, but my problem now is, I need the bot to sometimes direct the user to a link, to contact page for example. It can do it fine with the english website, because it's english website KB. But the problem is, the URL is a bit different on the spanish website. It speaks to the user in spanish, all works well, but when it needs to direct, it can only direct the user to the english URL contact form. Maybe I can include the URLS somehow in the KB, as a table, or anything? (The website is in 10 different countries, so many urls.) I would really like any helpful ideas!! Thank you so much in advance!
you can also use some flow logic for this, using the language set by the translator agent
so you can set up a flow like: if language = french, send [link to french form]
I will chime in here - @elegant-car-67771 , for the good links I use KB - a row with information for AI and URL. Later, I list URLs with that description based on user intent, or, in your case, language. The whole beauty is within the well-prepared KB and prompting - unless you want to use coding. Nevertheless, today, KB is the key element of systems. Properly organized sources will give you high-quality AI responses.
Hey, sorry for late repsonse! Do I understand correctly that you have links in your table KB with relevant description? After that to make sure everything works more reliably, you made intents that look for the same URLs description and when it is detected, they will spit out the URL? May you elaborate for me to understand your solution better? Thank you!
I would really love if you could take some screenshots, perhaps its easier and faster for you as well : D
I tried to use single KB query, etc. but with mixed results. I know it's not elegant and efficient but works without errors - I hope 😄
With dedicated tasks/prompts to KB I can let the AI focus on the task and provide expected results each time. In most cases the first KB query looks enough but to generate nice answer I use AI Task.
Here are seperate screenshots for better quality