Showing carousel from Execute bloc
# 🤝help
Hi there, I created a carousel in an execute bloc with the following code. My question is how to show this carousel to the user? const carousel = => { return { type: 'card', content: { title:
${record.Type} - ${record.Area} m2
, subtitle:
Superficie: ${record.Area} m2 | Chambres: ${record.Bedrooms} | Price: ${record.Price}€
, imageUrl: record.Url, buttons: [ { type: 'postback', label: 'More Details', payload: { type: 'showDetails', recordId: } } ] } } })
I think they did something here, but this is not perfect, and is still in production !
They're using "" but in my Execute card "bp" is undefined
Yea. As said, its in production so its not going to be perfect. It should still work in the emulator.