Automatic conversation start not working
# 🤝help
I have this set up but the conversation doesn't start when I click the chatbot icon. What am I doing wrong. Can anyone help.
Hi, Check if you initiate (show) the chat properly on your website. window.botpressWebChat.onEvent( function (event) { **if (event.type === 'LIFECYCLE.LOADED') { window.botpressWebChat.sendEvent({ type: 'show' }) }** }, ['LIFECYCLE.LOADED'] );
when i configured my conversation starter i just followed this video step by step, did you happen to watch it?

Yes... I did exactly the same...
Well... I went back. Deleted the trigger and added it again and now it's working... I did exactly the same several times but this one it worked... Your message made me redo it so thank you for it. But now I have another issue that wasn't there before: The icon is not working. When I preview in the share tab the icon doesn't show but when I preview in the dashboard where it says chat, everything is perfect... Do you have any idea idea why that might be happening?