Hellow <@1151174425039872031> , What is the way yo...
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Hellow @quick-musician-29561 , What is the way you connect with the assistant api v2 (using File search) with Botpress, I tried to do it with the botpress template (https://botpress.com/templates/deploy-openai-assistants) but the bot can't find my files uploaded to Assistant: "I don't seem to have any files uploaded in this conversation." https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1121494527727902891/1232875664097546282/image.png?ex=662b0c70&is=6629baf0&hm=1649e4e7b9fa90e3c9de9f5a4ac1030bfb6e23f2bf8caa2482acea28d6e14718&