Using older templates, you might first want to dou...
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Using older templates, you might first want to double-check all these: The 'retrieval' tool has been renamed to the 'file_search' (so all old templates might still use these old tool names). Also URL is changed, replace 'v1' with 'v2' in the URL. Now it needs to be like this:
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If you go to #1120796649686573086 and search for 'assistants', you can find many projects connecting the OpenAI Assistants API to Botpress (three from me also), and many in #1132038253109837994 (two from me). Those projects might not be visible anymore without using the Discord Search-tool 🔍 because those are a bit older and not active. Three days ago I shared all the instructions that need to be followed when updating from v1 to v2 And here I mentioned why we all might want to use it As soon as I have built a new project using v2, I'll share the template here with every bot builder who is interested 🛠️ 🤖