School Project
# 🤝help
Hello Guys! I am building my first bot ever on botpress ! I don't have a lot of knowledge so I'am going across all platforms mining for best practices and how-to. For context: I am building a chatbot for F1 as a school project. *The chatbot should be able to chat in two languages (en, fr). *Can answer any questions about anything related to F1 🏎️ from the past or present (Car info, track info, pilots info, scores, points... you get the idea 🙂 ) *An (The cherry on top feature: The chatbot can predict scores and outcomes of future races. ) And since it is a school project I have a whopping 0$ budget ouch ! If any of you have some video tutorials to recommend or precious advice or would love to jump on with me and tag along for this express project you guys are more than welcome !! If am not supposed to ask this question here please redirect me to the proper channel 😄
Hello, your project seems similar to mines, I chose to make a bot that would answer any question you asked and my knowledge base contained information about a certain topic in my class. Moving on, you could do what I did and create a knowledge base with information or create a node where it'll use an ai to answer the question. I know if you ask it a question in another language it'll answer the question in that language, but i dont know if it will say anything else in that language.
I also started using botpress recently so I dont know alot about it. But you could use this

if you any specific information you would like your bot to know about the topic you could create a knowledge base and input that information. Hopefully someone with more experience comes along and help you with the things that I cannot help with.