Set Language in Automatic Response
# 🤝help
Hello, I am currently building a bot for a client, and this bot needs to operate in French. The bot is designed to collect user information such as their phone number, name, etc. During the interaction, users have the option to cancel if they choose not to provide, for example, their phone number. In such cases, we can modify the cancellation prompt (simple text), but the response remains automatic and does not change to "Oui" or "Non", it stays as "Yes" or "No". I tried setting the bot's language to French using this tutorial, but it did not work. Any idea how to modify the automatic answers in the confirmation? I'm usign the Phone Number Card and the Cancel option "Confirm before cancelling" Tnx
We'll I found that event if the tutorial use fr, it seems that we have to use French to set the Bot language. I'll leave it here for anyone who coulfd face this problem too.
Finally, my problem is not fixed Well, I found that I can set language in a code card with user.TranslatorAgent.language = 'fr' or I can use the Set User Language card and set fr in the input. Well, both ways I have the same result. If I use fr as value, all the conversation will be in French, except the automatic response in the Phone Number Card -> Cancel option "Confirm before cancelling". There, the user choice will display in English : Yes or No If I use French as value, then the Phone Number Card -> Cancel option "Confirm before cancelling" will display in French : Oui or Non. But in the conversation at some specific moments it will translate the hardcoded text to an English version. Weird no? Anyone can help? I want my bot to be in French only.