need to level up in botpress
# 🤝help
Hey guys i am new to botpress i watch all youtube video and make same simple bot and now i want to level up any advices or any one here has project i can work with for free so i get more experience that will be good !
I am still a beginner and I don't have that much experience, but I will tell you what I think. 1- Do real-time projects: think what can you do and see chatbots from websites, then try to apply it with yourself. 2- Help others, for me to get the maximum experience at any field, you have to help or demonstrate what you learned to others. 3- Try to get work, you can make simple projects and put it in your portfolio, then upload it at freelance sites. You may think that no person will ask for this simple task, but actually there are some will ask for it, because it is simple for you not for them and it can be simple but they are busy to do it. You can also search for local small companies that at the beginning of there project, they might need a simple chatbot. That is my opinion, what do you think? I would like if there are more people sharing there experience too. Good luck!
good idea brother thanks
also if you really want to level-up learn a bit of Javascript everyday! It really is possible and actually quite fun to learn this 🙂 Take a look and learn from the shared bots #1120796649686573086
you are the best