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07/13/2023, 4:23 PM
I have a view questions that i would like to ask. I am setting up an AAA AI Automation Agency. I would like to make Bots for my customers and keep the bots up to date ore make changes. Also i would like to monitor the amount of times the bot has been used en if needed upgrade the package for run times. Out of experience business owners or staff are not always available or able to do these tasks. And if it is delegated to staff as one of there tasks. There is always an latency, a specially wen companies lunch a new marketing campaign for products or services . That latency can disappoint there customers and cost valuable income, to the companies and to Botpress. Is this type of configuration available on the enterprise level? On a noter matter I have noticed that the web-bot integration is not mobile friendly wen in the test fase before implementation. Is the web-bot integration more mobile adaptable wen implemented? And at which upgrade package is there no marketing on the Botpress bot. I see a lot of use cases for the Botpress bots. And i will be able to sell one ore more to each client. And i would like to discuss options of becoming an affiliate and or to come to an vendor agreement. Wen i have a meaningful list of clients. Best regards, Morris Harm Richter Clear Strategy’s LLC The Netherlands


07/13/2023, 6:28 PM
Hi, I can work with you as a team to solve your challenges and to satisfy your bot customers. What is your view?


07/14/2023, 10:16 PM
Hi @nutritious-church-17044 - by marketing on the bot, do you mean the "power by botpress?" No need for an upgrade package - play with the CSS code and look for .bpw-powered ( We are working on making the mobile portion better. Stay put. As for affilaite, have you applied to the partnership program?