GPT-4 API Key (both for conversation and for inter...
# 👀feature-requests
OpenAI Plus users now have access to the GPT-4 API, and our bots would greatly benefit from making the switch.
Instead of a complete switch, users could have option to choose from GPT 3.5 and GPT 4
yeah there are studies that GPT 4 is getting significantly dumber over time.
hey @creamy-agency-21997 we are going to add support for multiple other LLMs in very short order. However, the GPT4 rate limit is way too agressive for use as a default model in botpress. When this changes, we will make it widely available through a selector menu within all elements in the studio.
Thank you! In my particular case, and I acknowledge that this isn’t the norm, I am planning to implement botpress for my students exclusively, which are usually no more than 3-4 people at a time who may not even use the service. My bots have software manuals in their database and 3.5 just doesn’t quite cut it for interpreting poorly phrased questions haha. Looking forward to the future of botpress!
"multiple other LLMs" .... ❤️‍🔥