Static Answers for FAQ.
# 👀feature-requests


07/12/2023, 10:12 PM
We need some Q/A functionality where the LLM can interoperate the questions portion but spits out a static response. I don't want the LLM to have any ability to rewrite the responses only to interpret whether the user wants my exact response. Example: Question: What is the capital city of France? Answer: The capital city of France is Paris. I always want the LLM to say "The capital city of France is Paris." even if asked any of these variations: What is the name of the city that serves as the capital of France? Can you name the capital of France? Which city is recognized as the French capital? Where is the capital of France located? This is just an example and not my exact use case. However in my actual use case the LLM frequently changes the response, sometimes including all of the info sometimes it only gives some of it. I want it to ALWAYS give all of the info behind the answer if the question is asked including associated links.