Ability to limit user messages
# 👀feature-requests
Right now a user can send several messages at once (flooding/spamming) and the bot will try to answer them all and end up crashing or making countless requests to external services. One solution would be to hardcode a limit for the amount of messages the bot can queue to process, 3 sounds fine. So let's suppose the limit is in place and the user sends the following messages in a row: Hi What can you do When is the store open What can I buy The bot would answer to just the first three messages and ignore the last, which doesn't sound like bad UX to me - it's an edge case. Users usually wait to get a reply before continuing, but imagine the bot is very slow, or the user is a troller - that's the problem. Later we could be able to define a custom limit, but a hardcoded one is enough for now.
Hi, I was going to mention this, however the approach I had in mind was a bit different. Spamming would come in the form most times scripts, so at the infrastructure layer , you can look use user agent details and other key signals
i butchered my last comment , all i was trying to say was they can be addressed on the Botpress Infra layer. By monitoring the traffic interacting with the bots they would be able to better provide an automated means to limit and in some cases mitigate this
Bumping this up. Could be done by IP address, or perhaps a layer that requires a user sign-in of some sort. Would allow for selling bots on a B2C basis.