Text to speech would be awesome!
# 👀feature-requests
I am hoping to design a guided meditation chatbot that can accept variables such as the emotions that the user is feeling, what kind of meditation they want to do, and how long they would like to practice for. It would be super cool to have the option for the user to talk to the chatbot via speech to text, and then the chatbot to talk back to the user via text to speech. Let me know what you guys think is capable here, TYIA!!
Awesome project ! And with how advanced TTS has become it would be great to have it in Botpress
I am looking forward for this feature in order to process voice/audio messages from WhatsApp!
In the meantime, you could use an external service like ElevenLabs to create audio from any text and send it to users.
I think with things like ChatGPT plus, Gemini, Rabbit etc we will soon be talking to our phones and laptops and not typing. Having TTS built into Bot Press like VoiceFlow will make a huge difference. Thanks love Bots.
Hey You can check out Devmiks project in the mean time https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1199649804653965342