Manually select yellow/red flags on cards & nodes
# 👀feature-requests


06/21/2023, 7:06 PM
When there is an error with a card, the automatic flagging with colours is amazing! When I am designing a more complicated bot, sometimes I want to remember which parts of the bot I confirm are working and outputting a desired result, and which parts are functionally working, but something screwy or weird is being outputted. Especially when it comes to the AI tasks, it would help speed up troubleshooting by focussing me on the parts that have not been tested, or to flag parts that could use some fine tuning. Having some really simple ways to communicate/comment on specific parts of the bot build, might help prevent the need for an external project management system to track bugs, and areas of the bot that you want to improve. having 4 colour flags that can go on any card or node, and then have a list of all the manual flags in a menu for adding comments/notes etc would be next level.