Oxford citation
# 👀feature-requests


06/21/2023, 10:26 AM
When receiving an answer from the knowledge bot, It would be great to get the citation of it in a style like the Oxford citation Style (for a scientific PDF paper). An additional feature would be that the bot could understand if it is a primary or secondary citation (if the author cited another paper in his own paper).


10/18/2023, 5:19 PM
Is it even possible to cite the source? because if that's possible you could change the document tittle to an Oxford citation style and reference it. But I am not sure if it's possible to make a bot that references the source documents when answering questions. That would be really useful 😃 @cold-motherboard-82208


10/18/2023, 7:10 PM
It is imposssible the way the current vector store is built - the incoming text is liteally cut into small pieces without any further reference. It does not KNOW anymore than 5 snippets that seem to match. I work on a different architecture for other projects - more a complex vectorized library with referencs and research AI that also looks before and after and stuff like that - but that is MUCH more ocmplex can of worms.