Unable to declare session variables as per the Bot...
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I am trying to essentially generate session persistent variables, and according to the bot press documentation it says that all we have to do is use an Execute Code card and add like so: "session.variablename = “Hello World”". Yet, when this is done, the bot does not recognize any declared session variables using that format. Also, if a node is used purely to initialize session variables, the entire card seems to be skipped. Could this feature please be re-added or a workaround provided?
@cool-hospital-14870 I agree. I read the documentation and I can't get it to work. In my 25 years' of web development, session variables are by far the most useful for real world transactions. So very disappointing not to be able to use this now. Hey ho !
Thanks guys for raising the issue, we are updating the documentation
@cool-hospital-14870 you can check my comments here:


@ripe-cat-27461 thanks for re-floating it again 🙂
can confirm I coulnd't get session variables to work either. Any update is appreciated 🙂 Found the bug! the problem was the double " instead of a single ' . Try the following: session.variablename = 'Hello World'
@cold-jewelry-54343 Yup. You nailed it! Thanks!