Ghost workflow issue
# 🤝help
It appears that when you copy a workflow, there is a bug where when it jumps to that work flow it actually goes to the original one you copied. Here I copied a workflow called Rules_Retrieved_Effects, and name it Rules_Retrieved_Heroes. It will say that it will trigger Rules_Retrieved_Heroes but clicking into the execute code bring me to the original Rules_Retrieved_Effects. Reported by @straight-wolf-37371
Hey man I will help you out here!
Could you paste the screenshots again, please?
Yes, Just a moment
Here I see that it properly triggers the "Rules_Retrieve_Heroes_wf". This is from the chat emulator
The bottom is the "Rules_Retreived_Heroes_wf" the top is the one I originally copied called "Rules_Retrieved_effects_wf" ]
Here from the Debugger you can see it shows the correct work flow but the immediate one under it is a node from the "Rules_Retrieved_Effects_wf". The one that was copied
Clicking into the execute code will send me to original wrong workflow
Let me know if you need any other info
Hey @straight-wolf-37371, I'm gonna try to debug that