Hey so I deployed the chatbot from bot press on a ...
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Hey so I deployed the chatbot from bot press on a website but is not working on mobile
Can you share screenshots of how it is failing? Is the sizing wrong? Is this on a specific mobile browser?
hi, i have the same problem, the size is wrong, it covers the entire screen. (only on mobile)
@nice-fountain-96783 @swift-baker-92155 and then change the size of the bot, generate the link to the stylesheet, and then paste it in under your integrations tab and save it. This will give you flexibility to make it look however you want only take up like 70% or whatever of the screen
hi Chuck thank you for your help, i have already tried it but i doesnt work, on desktop is fine but on mobile it covers the entire screen.
Thanks for your help @full-helmet-73535 🙌
@bright-magazine-792 can help you @nice-fountain-96783 . Please share a screenshot of what the mobile version currently looks like. If you could also share details regarding what you've done with the Styler, that would probably be helpful.
hi, this is what it looks like and the details of the styler, as you can see on desktop works fine.
I was having a similar issue yesterday. Can you send the website that the chatbot is on
You may have to change the css of the website