google api console + botpress
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hi guys i need to connect my bot to google cloud console this is the code im using in botpress: const spreadsheetId = "...."; const range = "market!C5:C17"; const apiKey = "...."; const url = `${spreadsheetId}/values/${range}?key=${apiKey}`; const response = await axios.get(url); const data = _.get(response, 'data.values', []); const singleLineData = data.flat().join(' '); console.log(singleLineData); and this is my "OAuth 2.0 Client IDs" in my google cloud console Client ID for Web application Name The name of your OAuth 2.0 client. This name is only used to identify the client in the console and will not be shown to end users. The domains of the URIs you add below will be automatically added to your OAuth consent screen as authorized domains . Authorized JavaScript origins For use with requests from a browser URIs 1 URIs 2 Authorized redirect URIs For use with requests from a web server URIs 1 URIs 2 and this is the error i keep seeing in botpress: The caller does not have permission. [object Object]" Request failed with status code 403 can anyone help??
b This channel may be of some help. I found your thread previous to finding the above.