AI to read knowledge base
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Got two questions here: 1. Is it possible for AI Task to read and understand a particular knowledge base and output an answer after fully understanding it? 2. Not really sure why both knowledge base and AI answered the question even though I specifically stated "!turn.KnowledgeAgent.responded" (see image below)
Hey any update on number 1?
Also trying to get number 1 working properly over here, the Knowledge base model is lacking in depth and makes mistakes, I would like Chat GPT to harness my knowledge base instead.
same here, hope someone knows
For your second screenshot, knowledge answers will come automatically and don’t need to be added to a text card the way you put it
However, the solution to your problem is to go to knowledge agent settings and turn off answer on first response, and turn on answer manually
You can then input that variable into an ai task, and ask it to change/ interpret it to give you your desired response
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If answer manually is turned on, I don't think I can remove the text card right? Otherwise there will be no answer from the bot.
Correct! You should only remove the text card there if you want to leave on auto answering
Did this end up working for you, I am also trying to do the same sort of thing. I was playing around with it yesterday but because it isn't really a feature yet it makes it a little harder. So just wondering if you found any luck with it.
Which input did you mean by that? the knowledge agent variable or a variable/s from the workflow?
This is what I have come up with so far and it is coming back with answers from the AI which is great and it even seems to be telling the difference between male and female clothing from log data but it still isn't extracting any data from the knowledge base. I have tried both enabling the knowledge answering on the 'ClothingTypeAnswer' node but it comes up with the same response. I have even given the AI a more descriptive prompt to see if it can find a specific product in the knowledge base but it doesn't seem to work. @full-helmet-73535 @careful-keyboard-68830 @acceptable-kangaroo-64719 @rich-battery-69172 If you have any more info I would more than appreciate it, love this Botpress platform and I really want to push the boundaries of it to create good products for my clients. (The code that is in one of the photos is in the 'get user history from variables in other nodes' execute card. The other execute card is to just gather wether the user picked male clothing or female clothing.) Yes there are variables for gender, userHistory and clothingtype 🙂

@narrow-apple-52361 if you put both resources into the input task it taps into the knowledge base input Resources available: {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.citations}} {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer}} Make sure knowledge base answered is switched on for the node