How to make the Bot respond suitably to inadvertan...
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Hi, I am a beginner to Botpress with no coding knowledge. Appreciate any help to solve the issue I face. Attached a screenshot. This bot is knowledge enabled with a website + small talk Q&A included. As you can see from the conversation, I ask a question and bot responds correctly. Then I inadvertently give 'Yes' and the bot says it finds the answer in the knowledge base and gives the initial greetings message. How can I make the bot to stop responding or respond suitably (Bot can ask 'Any other questions?') to such inadvertent messages.
add a capture card called raw input instead and enable knowledge base answering on that node by clicking the node and then enabling knowledge answering in the top left window @acceptable-kite-24353
Hi @bulky-gigabyte-59033 , Thanks for the response. I tried it. But I'm not sure where to put the Raw input card. I mean exactly below which card? Or should I put it in a new node?