Css for ChatBot Not Working
# 🤝help
I made a css file from here https://styler.botpress.app/ and I pasted it inside Integration > Stylesheet URL. I am using pre-configured script. style sheet url https://webchat-styler-css.botpress.app/prod/51ab619e-1e32-4931-8dd0-0acfaf4a5eb6/v77812/style.css
You may have to republish the bot.
Or it may be a cache problem, in which case here's a pro tip. Append "/?v=1" to the end of the css url, like ".../style.css/?v=1" where the v and the number can each be anything. I use v for version. This is all ignored but gets around caching problems.
still the same issue
@rich-oxygen-43707 I tried in react Playground it was Working
But I am using Next.js v13 it is not working in that
please see the code
I shifted this to configured script it working