API calls
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I have a third party tool which I'd like to connect with where the API would ping the third party tool/ databasa based off a questions asked in the bot. For example if it asked how many more vacations days do I have, I want to build a call. I have access to the integration later and API to make this call but I'm not sure how to build this out on the botpress side. Any insight would be great.
hey @handsome-doctor-46275, here's some sample code for how to call an API from botpress. put this in an execute code card where needed:
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const url = 'https://api.spoonacular.com/recipes/complexSearch'
const params = {
  query: workflow.baseQuery,
  diet: workflow.dietType,
  apiKey: env.apiKey,
  number: '3',
  ignorePantry: 'false',
  sort: 'popularity',
  sortDirection: 'asc',
  addRecipeInformation: 'true',
  addRecipeNutrition: 'false'

try {
  const response = await axios.get(url, { params })
  if (response.status === 200) {
    workflow.recipeInfo = response.data.results
} catch (error) {