Botpress integration with Telegram
# 🤝help


07/06/2023, 12:45 AM
I integrated my botpress to Telegram. Faced some issue as follows. Can anyone help? - There seem to be latency issue on Telegram. Some inputs doesn't seem to be captured when I reply immediately to the chatbot. I suspect its a latency issue because issue disappear when I delay response by 8-10 seconds. Could latency be due to the free tier account which I am using? Or issue with Telegram integration? - How do I then use botpress " capture information" - choices to handle sitations where user choose to manually key in their inputs? The issue I am facing is ... I used botpress "capture information - choices" for my chatbot. It appears nicely on telegram as option boxes, which is what I want... however, when user choose to manually type into telegram textbox, it messed up the chatbot logic.


07/13/2023, 10:22 PM
Hi! Were you able to get this working? I have been facing the same issue , even though everything works fine on studio


07/14/2023, 2:40 AM
@flat-nail-33989 No, its still an issue on telegram. It works ok for me on Studio too. I have been raising this issue here and on Botpress Office-hours yesterday. Pls do raise this again so Botpress could see this important enough. It looks like they are not seeing this as a systematic issue yet. @rich-battery-69172