my PDF input is not working
# 🤝help
I had used PDF files to create a Chatbot , worked perfectly fine for sometime then not answering any questions now.
experiencing the same problem on a regular basis
Experiencing the same.
I keep getting a notification to remove old documents (I moved all my knowledgebase to plain text and I'm seeing this)
Next to Test your Chatbot I see a different color (orange) and Error text
I have been able to get knowledge base working on a new blank bot. But the old bot is still giving the same issues.
@dry-hamburger-57640 can you try with a new bot? or delete the knowledgebase (back up first) and try again?
Would one have to follow that process every 2 hours the bot fails to read the knowledge base? This seems to be a permanent problem
Same problem here. Yesterday was the bot working perfect. Today I get no results back.
I have done that multiple times , nothing is working
yes indeed that is the case for me.
I had the similar issue with PDFs. I did the same thing. Delete the bot and start from the scratch. Additionally, database will only work in standard2. For some funny reason. I am also not aware why but was told in another thread. It somehow started working now. It did hallucinate in the begining but it seems okay now. I think these bots have strong memory so they won't work if they went bad initially. Better to start a fresh. Scary if they go bad later in the development.
I have the same issue with pdf, why don't we have the button "enable" instead of "do nothing" "remove documents" I want to use it! Those buttons are not helping. Anyone from @cold-motherboard-82208 here?