Translation for text inside Single choice
# 🤝help
I am using the "Translation Agent". It works for "Text Messages", but I can't figure out how I can apply it to the "Capture Information" choices. It works even for the question itself, but not for the choices. As far as I understand, there is only one way out in this situation, and that is to configure everything manually through the "Execute code" I came up with this way const msgBuy = bp.variables.create('msgBuy', 'I want to buy') const msgSell = bp.variables.create('msgSell', 'I want to sell') const translatedMsgBuy = await translationAgent.translate(msgBuy, 'en', user.TranslatorAgent.language) const translatedMsgSell = await translationAgent.translate(msgSell, 'en', user.TranslatorAgent.language) But it gives errors on 'bp' and 'translationAgent'. Can someone help please, I think this will be a very useful solution. 🥸