CSS in Sharable URL
# 🤝help
I created a custom CSS with https://styler.botpress.app/ and linked it in the settings. It works exatly as it should if I click on "Chat" in the top menu bar. But when I go to "Integrations", "Pre-Configured" and copy the "Shareable URL", I get a different view. As far as I understood, the "Shareable URL" is what I would send a client for preview, I wonder why there's a difference between both views.
I have the same problem. For me the information like Bot Name doesn't carry over to the shareable url. Hope they fix this and maybe even improve the webchat styler as I find it doesn't offer much customisation.
Hi @helpful-france-9719 @echoing-cat-6473 👋 the changes to the CSS apply to the web chat when it's embedded with the script but you're right, not in the shareable URL. We are making major changes to the webchat and would love your feedback on how to improve it. If you'd like to contribute, check this thread out: https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1115386631214616737/1124426073279582353