Insert Knowledge Base into AI Prompt
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06/30/2023, 6:07 AM
- If a user asks a question that is answered by my knowledge base, I would like to feed the knowledge to the AI Task. This would allow me to get much more personalized messages from GPT while still using all the knowledge of the knowledge base. - I expect that it would go something like this. "What time is the next class?" answer found in knowledge base Answer is plugged in to AI Task in order to answer question Chat GPT Answers with its new knowledge of my specific website - Instead the AI Task is responding with a made up answer because it does not have knowledge of my specific business. Feel free to ask follow up questions. I am very new to this, it may be something simple.


06/30/2023, 10:44 AM
Botpress recently added the "answer manually" option in the knowledge agent. Using that the KB won't automatically display its answer, then you can pass it in an AITask using {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer}} which is where the answer of the KB is stored