Send data to chatbot owner (ticket) for follow up
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06/28/2023, 11:26 PM
Hi all, Is there a way to use a ticket system that collects data from the user input and sends that data to the chatbot owner for lead follow up?[ e.g. Name, email, inquiry request] data stored in sheets/excel/sentviaSMS or stored in database etc. Or any other method? Essentially, i'm looking for a system for bot owner to follow up on their leads. I'm trying to figure out a simple approach, best practice for clients (who are non-tech-savy) to follow up on inquires. I currently just store data in variables and print them to the chatbot. If anyone has a system in place, let me know! Thanks


06/29/2023, 12:04 AM
Webhooks is what you're lookign for. A webhook is a URL that you can either POST user data to, or GET user data from. Get a webhook from a CRM that you're using, and then in Botpress execture card: type in: "Send to webhook paste in webhook url IT should put in the code you're lookign for. You can also add an integration for Zapier into your bot on the individual bot menu (before you go into studio) and use zapier to push it to anything.
ask chat gpt to teach you about webhooks. You won't need to learn any fancy code to understand/use them.


06/29/2023, 1:26 AM
ok fantastic! i'll give that a try. I've been meaning to try out zapier.!