Trigger Webhook not generating conversationID
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Hey everyone, so basically I am testing out the new trigger function that is set to be released soon, and I came across an issue. For context, the bot I am trying to create is an SMS bot (configured with Twilio) that sends a text to the user after they fill out a form through my CRM. The trigger I set is a post webhook, and the trigger works fine, but the message I want to send does not send through text. When looking at the logs, I get this error when trying to send the message: "Error sending outgoing message yt [Error]: request/body must have required property 'conversationId'" I was wondering if there was a way to fix my payload so that a conversationID is populated correctly when starting the bot?
I would also love to know how to do this.
I also have this doubt!
@early-train-33247 Is there a payload way for a conversation ID to be populated correctly when launching the bot?
Btw, this solution works for me: ⁠ I needed set the conversationId! Btw, check if you are using POST or GET