Slack Integration - Channel questions
# 🤝help
I have the bot working in Slack (woo hoo!) I can Trigger the bot to fire by messaging it (awesome!) I can add the bot to a channel, and by messaging the channel, it will also fire (gnarly!) Three questions: - In a group channel, does the bot differentiate between the users using it? Or does it take the input from the WHOLE channel? - Is there a way to have it, in a group channel, publically respond to people, but keep multiple conversations going? - Is there a way to have the bot in a public channel, but only fire if it is tagged in a message? (and not have everyone else interrupt the user) The goal is to have a bot that can answer questions in a conversation, where everyone can benefit from the questions, and the answers. Say in a live group coaching call, where someone asks a question, and the bot responds to the question with a follow up in order to document the question for the live coach.
I'd love an answer to this as well
@brave-dawn-96867 can you send me any video tutorial that explains exactly slack integration with botpress ?
I just followed instructions on a google search for botpress slack. I think there is a page that tells you there
Hey @brave-dawn-96867 may I ask how did you get the bot to fire in a channel?
I added the bot to a slack channel but not sure how to get it to answer my questions there
Hey, @brave-dawn-96867 I'm glad to hear that Slack is working well for you! 1. The bot is responding to the WHOLE channel as a single conversation. This was done to enable multiplayer style bots. 2. This isn't an option for the moment in Slack but we could add an option when you configure the integration to give you the choice between a single multiplayer conversation or multiple individual conversations. If you are interested in this feature make sure to add a for it! 🚀 3. You can use hooks to intercept messages and decide on if you want to let your bot respond to the message or not. Happy to help you! 🫡