Empty message from AI task
# 🤝help
I'm facing some problems. I use API to request data from my Google sheet. I did a test on my main flow and it worked great - data was captured from Gsheets to variable and provided to AI task. Text output containing captured data was provided by AI based on prompt and samples. Now when I go to sub workflows (since the products database is a fair size and I need to divide it into categories) I don't receive any output in the chat window. There are no errors whatsoever, I can even see in the event debugger that information from the excel sheet where captured perfectly (price, discounted price, product link, description). But there is no output whatsoever (like on the attached screen). Does anyone know how can I possibly solve that?
Voila - just solved it! When copying, I did not include variables in the new workflow + AI answers were not stored in variables as well.